Finding We, MA Inclusive Arts Practice, 2023
Cuckmere Walk

Cuckmere Walk

A peaceful image in blues and greens captures a bend in the Cuckmere river. The water's surface is gently rippled and grass grows on the banks. In the background the shadow of a cloud passes over green hills dotted with groups of trees.

Our first walk was along a gentle trail beside the meanders of the Cuckmere river. We met at the Seven Sister’s Visitor’s Centre and followed the route to the shingle beach and the mouth of the Cuckmere. This river mouth is the only one in Sussex which is not industrially or residentially developed (Jones, 2021).

This first meeting was a chance to introduce ourselves, walk together and take our first photographs. After our walk we regrouped and had coffee together at the Visitor’s Centre cafĂ©.

This trail is suitable for people with impaired mobility, wheelchairs, mobility scooters and push chairs. Click to open a PDF of this route

Jones, R., 2021, (April 10), Walk: Cuckmere River, East Sussex, Countryfile,