Finding We, MA Inclusive Arts Practice, 2023
Seaford Head Walk

Seaford Head Walk

A view from Seaford head over the Sussex coast. The Seven Sisters cliffs can be seen in the distance. To the right is South Hill Bar, sunlight on its gable. In the foreground, sheep are grazing.

Our third walk together was the Seaford Head loop. We left from Seaford town and followed a route towards Seaford Golf Course, taking a turn towards South Hill Barn the road becomes steeper, climbing to Seaford Head Nature Reserve, owned by Seaford Town Council and managed by Sussex Wildlife Trust. From this spot, the view of the Seven Sisters Cliffs is iconic.

The day of our walk was rough and windy and as we walked, we played with string, holding pieces between us and letting them whip in the wind. We stopped to tie lengths of string to posts and benches, remembering migrant crossings of the channel. We gradually made our way downward, stopping to catch our breaths and gather ourselves before battling forward in the wind.

Click here for more information about Seaford Head Nature Reserve and links to maps of the route we took